Terms Of Service
General Use Terms & Conditions

  1. By useing this service provided by ImgBee, you shall adhere to the Terms Of Service (TOS) which is detailed in this document.

  2. You the user, member, account owner shall not upload anything that is unlawful in the country, city, or government in which you reside.

  3. You the user, member, account owner are responsible for any content that you post to the ImgBee service.

  4. Under no circumstance shall you upload any content containing Child Pornography, or content that is considered unlawful.

  5. Your content can be deleted without prior notice to you, if the content is considered against the TOS outlined on this page. There is no argument for the decision is final and not open for discussion.

  6. ImgBee shall not delete your account for TOS infraction, but will delete your content if considered unlawfull

  7. This TOS can be modified at anytime without prior notice to you, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with this TOS.